The Xel (pronounced "Cell") is the cornerstone of the robot world of Mighty No. 9. It was invented by Dr. Blackwell. Every robot is composed of Xel, much like humans are composed of cells and graphics of early games were composed of pixels.

Design and Use

The Xel are little cubes that can change color and expression. They can connect together and are typically centered around a core that commands them. If they combine, they become a "Mega-xel" (name not official) (pictured right), similar to human tissue.

AcXel Boosts

Enemy robots in Mighty No. 9 are all constructed of Xels. Beck can absorb enemies to gain AcXel Boosts - temporary enhancements to his ability. The buff that Beck gains depends on the coloration of an enemy's Xels. Beck can also receive AcXel Boosts randomly from Patch.

AcXel Shoot

Enemies with Red Xels will give Beck an attack buff known AcXel Shoot. While Beck has this buff, his arm cannon can fire at an faster rate and his arm cannon shots will pierce and fly through enemies and walls.

AcXel Armor

Enemies with Yellow Xels will give Beck a defense buff known as AcXel Armor. While Beck has this buff, he will take less damage from attacks.

AcXel Speed

Enemies with Green Xels will give Beck a speed buff known as AcXel Speed. While Beck has this buff, he will run faster.

AcXel Recovery

AcXel Recovery is different from the other AcXel boosts in that Beck does not immediately benefit from it. As Beck absorbs enemies with blue Xel, AcXel Recovery will build up. When full, Beck can use a AcXel Recovery to completely recover his health and weapon energy.

Beck can only hold two AcXel Recoveries at a time. The first AcXel Recovery can only be obtained from absorbing blue Xeled enemies. The second can only be obtained randomly from Patch.

Bosses' Xel are pink and does not provide AcXel Boosts.



  • The Xel were made into plushies for every backer who pledged $175 or above.
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