So....., it has definitely been a while, but Comcep has finally spoken.

Going down the list of the news in their update:

1. The 3DS and Vita versions of Mighty No. 9 are still coming. The port was put on hold due to the delays of the console versions, and they restarted the ports of the game in Early May. They estimate a 2017 date, and mention that those versions could come out earlier (Though, I advise that you take the date with a grain of salt.

2. The physical backers rewards are being sent out soon. Most of the rewards where already manufactured by Fangamer, and they expect to ship them out by August 2017.

3. Akihiro Hino, the CEO of "LEVEL-5" has teamed up with Inafune to create a new company: "LEVEL5 comcept". It was said that this will not affect the Mighty No. 9 project in any way, but it could mean something for Beck's future.

You can check out the backer update for yourself here, though you do need to be a backer to view it.

So, how do you feel. Relieved? Optimistic? Indifferent? Still angry? Share your thoughts below!

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