Shackle Bomb
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
• Technical data•
Xel Unknown
HP Unknown
Weakness None
Affiliation Cherry Dynamics
• Appearances•
Games Mighty No. 9

Shackle Bombs are a type of enemy in Mighty No. 9. They appear exclusively in the Prison stage.

Description Edit

Shackle Bombs tend to hide in crates, waiting for the player to free them. When they are freed, they will slowly crawl towards the player and eventually explode. The player can attack them to push them back and wait for them to detonate from a distance, but Shackle Bombs cannot be destabilized or destroyed by the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Shackle Bombs, along with Punishers, are the only enemies in Mighty No. 9 that cannot be destroyed or absorbed by the player.
    • Unlike Punishers, Shackle Bombs can self-destruct