ReXelection: Pyrogen
Obtained From Pyrogen
Usable By Beck
Effective Against Cryosphere
Games Mighty No. 9

ReXelection: Pyrogen, also know as Fire Explosion, is a ReXelection used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 1, Pyrogen, as Beck. Ray's equivalent is Variation Code: Pyrogen.


Upon transformation, Beck's lower legs and forearms change into burners similar to the one that construct Pyrogen's body, and a Bunsen burner protrudes from his head above his visor. Along with that, Beck's visor, hands, feet, and buttons on his torso become red. The headphone-like sides of his head also becomes red, and Beck's insignia is replaced with Pyrogen's.


While the attack button is held, Beck will charge up a fiery explosion inside his body, with a bar appearing under him that displays how much the attack has been charged. When the attack button is released, Beck will release the explosion, damaging everything around him.

When uncharged, the explosion is about the size of Beck. After reaching the first charge, the explosion's radius increases to almost double Beck's height, and it will do more damage. After reaching the second charge, the explosion will cover a sizable amount of the screen, and at full charge, the explosion will cover almost the whole screen. However, if Beck holds in the full charge for to long, he will overheat, which will prevent him from moving after releasing the explosion.

ReXelection: Pyrogen also has a secondary function of allowing Beck to thaw himself from ice faster.

You can learn more about this form via this.

This ability seem to appear in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, however, instead of having to charge up and release the attack, serves more like a shield that can deal short-range damage to the enemies for a brief moment. (Similar to the many shield-based weapons in the Mega Man series, but more closely to the fire spin created by the Fire Storm in the first Mega Man game, minus the fireball.)


  • Just like with the ReXelection: Brandish, the fatigue's effects can be nullified by dashing quickly after releasing the power.
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