ReXelection: Cryosphere
Obtained From Cryosphere
Usable By Beck
Effective Against Battalion, M.O.M., Trinity
Games Mighty No. 9

ReXelection: Cryosphere, also known as Frozen Liquid, is a ReXelection used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 2, Cryosphere, as Beck. Ray's equivalent is Variation Code: Cryosphere.


Upon transformation, Beck gains a large water container on his back, much like the one Cryosphere has, and gets a red valve handle on his forehead. His body also becomes a lot more blue as a result. The gray buttons on his chest become yellow, the black segments on his torso become a dark blue and the parts of his chest that were once white are now a light blue. Instead of the visor just being one color, a dark blue, it gets split into two colors, light blue in the middle and dark blue at the two ends. This matches with the paint job on his head.


The weapon lobs a ball of ice with limited range. Once the projectile hits, the enemy's movement will become hampered and it will begin taking damage over time, although there are some exceptions to the latter. When an enemy's health is fully depleted with this weapon, they will be frozen, allowing the player a larger window to get a 100% absorption on them. Bosses (with the exception of Battallion) and some other enemies, however, cannot be frozen.

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