ReXelection: Battalion
Obtained From Battalion
Usable By Beck
Effective Against Seismic, Trinity
Games Mighty No. 9

ReXelection: Battalion, also known as Remote Cannon, is a ReXelection used in Mighty No. 9. It is obtained by defeating Mighty No. 5, Battalion, as Beck. Ray's equivalent is Variation Code: Battalion.


Upon transformation, Beck grows a small cannon on his forehead. Beck's mouth is covered, his torso a red stripped belt is shown, and his legs are asymetrically colored like Battalion. When shooting, his arm transform into a revolver.

On Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Beck's pallette changes into dark green.


When used, Beck shoot a very potent explosive that can be attached into enemies and surfaces, when deployed, the bomb creates a big cloud of fire that hurts everything around it. It can destroy rocks and other obstacles.

You can learn more about this form via this.

On Mighty Gunvolt Burst, Beck can shoot multiple homing missiles toward the enemies (similar to the Dive Missile from Mega Man 4).

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