ReXelection: Seismic

ReXelection is an ability exclusive to Beck that allows him to transform and take the shape of the Mighty Number previously absorbed. When in a ReXelection, Beck's appearance changes to include features of the robot the ReXelection is based off of.

In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, all of Beck's Xel abilities are disabled, including ReXelections. Instead, Beck will utilize Custom Points (CP) to alter his shot.

Mighty No. 9


When a ReXelection is equipped, an orange ammunition bar will appear under the health bar. As the ReXelection is used, the ammunition for that ReXelection will drain. The amount that drains depends on the move used and the ReXelection. For example, a shot using ReXelection: Countershade uses about a third of the ammunition, while a normal slash with ReXelection: Brandish uses no energy at all. When the ammunition bar empties out, the ReXelection can not be used. The ammunition bar refills over time as long as Beck is in the ReXelection, with the amount of ammo restored depending on the ReXelection. The ammunition of the ReXelection Beck is currently using can also be replenished if Beck absorbs an enemy or boss.

List of all ReXelections

Mighty Gunvolt Burst


In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, ReXelections are not present; they appear as a "bullet" type for the custom buster. However, these only act as re-skins of the default buster. To actually work as their counterpart, the custom busters needs the "Elemental modules"'. These modules only serve as the weakness for each boss (the weaknesses are the same from Mighty No. 9). Although these will not have any secondary effect on enemies. (e.g. The "Freeze" Element will not freeze enemies or bosses). Some modules can't be used when certain bullet type is chosen (e.g. the Missile Bullet can't use the "Bounce" trajectory module).

The player will not acquire these modules by directly defeating a Mighty Number but rather by clearing their stage as an optional reward; it's up to the player to pick the Elemental module after beating the stage.

List of all Bullet type/Elemental modules

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