Mighty No. 9: Go For It! Beck!
Mighty No. 9: Ganbare! Beck
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Mighty No. 9: Go For It! Beck! is a browser game to Mighty No. 9 .


Players control Beck in an attempt to defeat all of the Mighty Numbers in a boss rush fashion. The game is controlled with only the left mouse button, which allow players to jump or double jump to avoid projectiles while Beck automatically shoots.

Each boss has their own life bar and a specific angled attack that Beck must jump to avoid. Beck can only take a total of three hits before a game over.

The game has long since became defunct.


  • Beck has separate death animations for each boss he dies to. For example, if Beck dies to Dynatron, he gets electrocuted with his circuits showing. If he dies to Brand, Beck visibly gets cuts in half.

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