Eko Ro

Ekoro as she appears in Mighty Gunvolt Burst'

• Characteristics•
Race Angel
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Turquoise
Eyes Green
• Technical data•
Height  ???
Weakness Press Element (MGB)
• Personal information•
Status Active
• Appearances•
Games Gal*Gun Double Peace
Mighty Gunvolt
Blaster Master Zero
Mighty Gunvolt Burst
• Voice actors•
Japanese Yui Horie

Mighty GunvoltEdit

Ekoro, along with Beck and Gunvolt, are the three main playable characters of the crossover game Mighty Gunvolt for the Nintendo 3DS. Ekoro appears as she did in Gal*Gun Double Peace but with an 8-bit style similar to NES games.

When playing as Ekoro she can hover in the air by pressing the jump button in mid-air. She can shoot her arrows, and also use a charge attack that transforms the enemies into allies to help her in battle.

Mighty Gunvolt BurstEdit

Ekoro returns to Mighty Gunvolt as a DLC character, this time she's not allowed to use her popularity-inducing powers, her arrows are weaker and has less health points than other character's bullets, and she's doesn't have access to her hovering ability until she gets the Aerial Action module. However, Ekoro counts with a unique Heart Gauge that fills everytime she hurts an enemy. When the gauge reaches 50%, she can use the "Goddess’s Blessing" to shoot stronger attacks and allows her to get Burst Combos from very long distances and avoid damage up to 6 times. Additionally, jumps are also higher than other characters.

Ekoro's Heart Gauge will fill up faster whenever she makes a combo (this being said, it will not fill while the Goddess's Blessing is in use) and additionally can fill up a 10% for every Food Item she consumes.


  • Ekoro's first game appearence in the west was in Mighty Gunvolt, Gal*Gun Double Peace was later localized and released in the west in August 6 2015.
  • The ability of Ekoro to charge-up her special attack is taken directly from Blaster Master Zero, where she also serves a DLC character.


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