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For the final stage of Mighty No. 9, see Battle Colosseum (Stage).

The Battle Colosseum

The Battle Colosseum is the main setting of Mighty No. 9. It's located in California.


The Battle Colosseum is a free-for-all robot combat arena. The spectacle is sponsored by the government as a way to further advancements in robotics.

Victors of these battles gain access to a massive coffer of research funds, and a mess of special privileges to boot! The event also garners plenty of support from the masses, acting as a modern bread and circus (or a place to make a quick buck).

There are all sorts of robot fights outside of this event: high-speed races, endurance contests of pressure or cold. But none are as popular as the high-octane combat of the Battle Colosseum! Beck and the other Mighty Numbers are a popular team on this fighting circuit.


  • The game's final stage takes place in the Battle Colosseum, where Beck goes to confront Trinity after learning that she is responsible for the robot uprising.


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