Apple No. 1
Model Number Apple No. 1
• Characteristics•
Race Robot
Gender ♂ Male
Eyes Blue (Green)
• Technical data•
Abilities Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
• Appearances•
Other media Comcept's April Fools' 2014 video

This crips, crimson fighter and ripe and ready to go! The delectable nectar at his core goes up and out the arm cannon when he attacks. No one knows the true extent of his pulpy power...
- April Fools' video Description

Apple No. 1 is the first robot in apple robots line.

Appearance Edit

Apple No. 1's appearance is red, his eyes are blue with a yellow sclera giving him a grim and serious look, and a long, flowing yellow scarf. His body is very similar to an apple, two white rings around his wrist complete with fingerless gloves, and his leg boots resembles cowboy boots with his apple symbol on his left boot. His stem features a lightbulb and a green leaf. He can transform his hands into cannons with a green leaf on the top, can absorb Xels like Beck, and has the unique ability of shrinking to pass trought small areas.

Background Edit

Apple No. 1 was created by the DeviantArt user ScottFraser on September 2013 after Comcept hinted that Mighty No. 7 would be red colored. On Febreruary 2014, Comcept revealed a robot based around this fan-art, altough, the robot was quickly destroyed by Brandish, the true Mighty No. 7. The character has become an inside-joke to Comcept, using him for their April Fools' video, where TOM-PON was supposedly playing the lastest ROM of the developing game, where Beck's is replaced by the Apple No. 1, and revealing the designs of multiple Apple Numbers.

Gallery Edit

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