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Ray is a mysterious antagonist in Mighty No. 9 who serves as Beck's rival.



Abandoned and her body deteriorating, Ray feeds on the Xels of other robots for survival to keep herself from disintegrating.


Besides the need to absorb Xels in order to survive, her other abilities aren't known as of yet. Shown in the DLC video, she is supposed to be quite powerful.


On October 14, 2014, The Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter had it's 75th update which contained a riveting teaser of a future (potential) DLC containing a new character. Within the teaser, it seemed to show what appeared to be a malicious being. It stood in front of a surprised Beck while surrounded by fallen Mighty Numbers, who were shown to have holes around their bodies.[1]

Many fans were quick to speculate that this new character was the rumoured "Mighty No. 0", however, when the character was presented as such, the Mighty No. 9 Twitter pointed out that "it is NOT Mighty No.0... but a different entity".[2]

The identity of this new character was an absolute mystery until the 77th update, when hers name and backstory was revealed.[3] Within this new information, it was said that this entity, Ray, was to serve as Beck's rival.


  • She has a similar appearence to the Devil.
  • She feeds on Xels like a vampire.
  • It is somewhat debated whether or not Ray is a boy or a girl, due to the website referring to her as "it". Many, however, suspect that she is a female due to having a somewhat feminine appearence.


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