MN9 MightyNo8-1
Countershade is the eighth robot in Dr. White's mighty robot line.


Countershade has a massive E-2C Hawkeye dish for a hat. He has a teal cape, blue torso and cowboy boots for legs. While he is mostly blue and yellow, certain areas of his body, (like his rifle, left boot and the very bottom of his right boot) are red, supportively from the blood or oil of his downed opponents. He only has one arm, as he does not feel the need to repair the other one. He is holding a dart in his mouth like a cigarette.


Countershade can hide in his surroundings. He is armed with a powerful sniper rifle. He also has weapons built in all over his body, like his leg that can reveal a machine gun.


Countershade was supposed to be a female with the theme of "radar and optical camouflage" along with "espionage and assassination." As the Mighty No. robots were designed for robot gladiator tournaments, they decided bosses where either tailored to destroy other robots or cause damage in general, with as much variation as possible. Even though Imaeda asked for No. 8 to be female, Kimo Kimo made No. 8 a cowboy anyway. Inafune felt the design was great, and thought it would be a great idea for him to lose his right arm in addition to giving him cowboy spurs. The development team worked on the colour scheme until they decided on the current one.