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Awareness Bringer
• 2/9/2016

Other crowdfunding projects to look forward to

There's the Red Ash game and anime that Keiji Inafune's company is involved in and the Mario inverse known as Nefarious in my book. What's everyone else's hopes? And please don't be disrespectful.

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Awareness Bringer
• 9/19/2015

Not exactly related to Kickstarter, but Sierra Ops from Indiegogo looks impressive.

• 9/26/2015
There's this game called Soul Saga that looks impressive.
• 9/27/2015

And the Dwarves and Aurion games, but I'm afraid they may not see the light of day.

• 10/2/2015

On Indiegogo, there's another Mega Man-inspired game. Called Project Miracle M

• 2/6/2016

Quantum Suicide came back with a game called Army Gals.[1]

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